1. Head Porter Fall/Winter 2014 Catalogue

    Head Porter have released a sizeable catalogue showing off their superb Head Porter bag collection, (their Mombasa line, Ostrich line,  and Lesson line are all nicely featured) as well as their excellent Head Porter Plus apparel collection.

    To see the complete massive catalogue, please go here.

    Peace, JW


  2. INTERSTELLAR | Trailer #4

    Hoping it is as epic and moving as all the trailers have made it out to be.

    Peace, JW


  3. PRISM | Possibly The Coolest Coffee Table Ever

    From the creative imagination of Maurie Novakat MN Design comes this amazing psychedelic and artistic table, named PRISM, winner of the A’ Design Award. It measures  120cm x 120cm x 46cm, and is made out of stainless Steel,  glass and elastic. Each of those elastic threads had to be meticulously put into place by hand, and it is those threads that give off the appearance of a prism refracting the light.

    From Maurie Novak, "Prism is a table that tells a story.  No matter what angle you look at this table from it will show you something new. Like a prism refracting light - this table takes lines of colour, emerging from a single bar and transforms them across its frame. By weaving and twisting its linear geometry this table transforms from point to point. The maze of mixing colours creates surfaces that meld together to form a beautiful whole.”

    For more info on PRISM, please go here.

    Peace, JW 


  4. Pharrell Williams | It Girl Music Video

    Super popular and super famous Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami and his team at Kaikai Kiki, produced this awesome anime and 8 bit gaming inspired music video for Pharrell’s “It Girl,” track.

    Peace, JW


  5. Needs & Wants Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Lookbook

    Needs & Wants definitely make some of the sexiest varsity jackets in the game. With their F/W 2014 collection, they continue to perfect and hone their craft by combining a minimalist and modern approach with subtle detailing towards the ever popular classic varsity jacket to create their Heritage Varsity Jacket.

    Also, this season, we have more of their Varsity Trench that was introduced in their S/S 2014 collection. The Varsity Trench, as the name implies, fuses elements from a classic trench design with their Heritage Varsity Jacket design.

    As they have done in the past, this season brings about a new take on their varsity jacket through a new range of colours and materials used. 

    For more info. please go here.

    Peace, JW


  6. ThePianoGuys | Batman Evolution 

    This is an epic and awesome homage to the music used in the Batman TV show and the Batman films by ThePianoGuys.  The sublime musical journey starts off with the legendary soundtrack from the classic 60s TV show, before moving on to Danny Elfman’s superb score in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, and builds to a marvellous crescendo with Hans Zimmer incredible dark and moody take as found in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

    From ThePianoGuys, Holy hemiola, Batman! 50 years of music and film all rolled together in front of the cars that have become icons of super hero history. This is one of those projects we’ve wanted to do from the very beginning of The Piano Guys. We love super heroes, the dramatic music that has brought them to life, and the vivid films that have made them legends. We used piano, cello, handheld cameras, a radio controlled helicopter, and some scrappy special effect techniques in the most creative ways possible to emulate the three epic eras of one of the greatest super heroes ever created: BATMAN!”

    If you want to read all about how the video was made and the concept behind it, please go here.

    Peace, JW


  7. Peace, JW


  8. NUMBER SUGAR | Omotesando in Japan

    Number Sugar is a new super delicious caramel shop and factory, and these caramels are all hand made and additive-free, plus no food colouring and preservative-free! There are 8 flavours,

    No.1 vanilla
    No.2 salt
    No.3 cinnamon and tea
    No.4 chocolate
    No.5 raspberry
    No.6 orange peel
    No.7 almond
    No.8 ginger

    I love it and really recommend them.

    Check it out here: http://www.numbersugar.jp



  9. Jupiter Ascending | Newest Trailer 

    Peace, JW


  10. Official Issue XO Fall 2014 Collection Lookbook

    Not straying away from their signature black and white monochromatic look, here is the clean and sexy Fall 2014 collection lookbook from Official Issue XO.

    To see the full lookbook, please go here.

    Peace, JW


  11. Hipster | A Harness For Dogs Suffering From Hip Dysplasia

    A fear that is common to most dog owners is that their amazing canine friend will one day develop the painful and debilitating condition known as Hip Dysplasia. Unfortunately, hip dysplasia is quite common in most breeds of dogs, but especially in large breeds, and is the most common single cause of arthritis of the hips. 

    However, help may soon be at hand as industrial designer Galia Weiss, has collaborated with a veterinarian to come up with a prototype solution, named HIPSTER, to combat the disease. Hipster is effectively a harness for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia that is designed to help pull up and strengthen the dogs’ hip muscles. 

    Hipster is not on market yet, but from the amount of positive support shown towards this project, hopefully it soon will be. As someone who in the past had a gorgeous golden cocker spaniel afflicted with this condition in the latter years of his life, I only wish that these amazing device was around then.

    Check out the video below for more info.

    Peace, JW


  12. Bad-Ass Yoda Artwork

    Peace, JW


  13. GoPro introduces the GoPro HERO4

    Amazing video to introduce the GoPro Hero 4, with all footage shot on the GoPro Hero 4.

    From GoPro, All around the world, GoPro users are capturing incredible experiences, from the heart-stopping to the heartfelt. Into the caldron of an active volcano, the neon streets of Japan, a refuge for wild mustangs, scaling an iceberg, the world’s biggest dance party, or a whale rescue mission, GoPros have documented every moment. See how GoPro’s new line of our most advanced cameras ever allow you to beautifully and authentically capture and share the experiences that bring purpose, adventure and joy to your life.

    The HERO4 features ultra high resolution quality of 4K at 30 frames per second + high frames rates at 1080p120. Incredible low light capabilities, including our new nightlapse setting. 2X the high fidelity sound. Faster processing. Protune settings that unlock manual control of many of your GoPro’s features, and so much more. Learn more and be inspired by the most advanced GoPro cameras yet.

    For more info on the GoPro 4 camera, please go here.

    Peace, JW


  14. The Waffle House St. Albans

    I went to school in St. Albans from 1986-1997, and I am very embarrassed to say that during all that time, I never knew of this fine Belgian Waffle establishment.

    That little indiscretion was soon put right when on a family day trip out to St, ALbans and Verulamium Park, my Mum, nonchalantly suggested we go have lunch at this great waffle place that she regularly goes to when she visits St. Albans. This was surprising for 2 reasons. Firstly, that was the first time I have ever heard the news that she regularly “visits St. Albans, ” and secondly, I was under the impression that there were no good waffle houses in England. 

    So off we went to The Waffle House St. Albans, which is a quaint restaurant nestled next to a working 16th century water mill overlooking the bridge and river. We arrived about 12.30pm and there was already quite a long queue and the place was packed and buzzing. We probably wait around 20 minutes to be seated, which was fine considering how long the queue was, but once seated our orders were quickly taken and our yummy waffles served to us. 

    After devouring some savoury and sweet waffles I had to admit that my Mum was spot on when she said that she knew of a great waffle place in St. Albans, and that I was wrong when I said that there were no good waffle restaurants in England. There most definitely is. It is in St. Albans, and it goes by the very aptly name of The Waffle House St. Albans.

    Below are the pics.


    The covered out-door seating area.


    Make sure to always check out what specials are on offer.



    Waffle House Malted Chocolate Milkshake. Review of it here.


    The restaurant is dog-friendly and are allowed in but only in their covered outdoor seating area.


    Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Waffle


    Ratatouille Waffle with garlic cream cheese.


    Garlic Butter with cheese baked into the waffle


    Spiced fruit & Nut waffle


    Banana waffle with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon sugar


    Pecan Nut & Butterscotch sauce with Vanilla Ice Cream

    Overall Summary

    Style & atmosphere : Big open space and very family friendly. Can be quite noisy but overall the place is very relaxed and chilled. And, bonus points for allowing dogs in their covered outdoor seating area. 

    Food & Oishii-ness : 8/10.  I love waffles and hand on my heart when I say that I have not had better waffles than at The Waffle House St. Albans in England. The menu has lots choices for both sweet and savoury waffles, and I love the fact that there is bottle of maple syrup on each table so that you can help yourself to as much as you like to cover or drown your waffles in.

    Bread : N/A

    Service : 8/10. Friendly and professional.

    Toilet decor & cleanliness : 7/10

    Value for money : 8/10

    Would I go again : Yes, definitely. In fact, EE was nagging me to take her back as soon as we left the place.

    Tips :  i) Make sure you come here hungry so you can try the savoury waffles as well as the sweet waffles. ii) Telephone reservations are only taken for groups of 4 or more from 5.30pm from Thursday to Saturday, so it is a good idea to arrive early to avoid queues as this place gets very busy very quickly, especially around midday - 3pm ish. We were there till around 3pm-ish and there were still long queues outside. iii) Also worth mentioning is that it can be a bit hard to find a free parking space in their car park which has a max time limit of 2 hours.

    Peace, JW


  15. Vilver x Star Wars Collaboration | BMW Stormtrooper

    Thank. The. Maker!!!! That Stormtrooper inspired BMW M6 Convertible is looking as sexy and sweet as a mofo. Amazing job by the car customising team at Vilner.

    For more info on this epic beast, please go here.

    Peace, JW