1. Bad-Ass Star Wars Artworks

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  2. UNITED ARROWS & SONS | Re-Opening

    UNITED ARROWS & SONS in the Harajuku district of Tokyo have just reopened today after having gone through a bit of a refurbishment with an extension to their ground shop floor.

    Their 1st floor has also undergone a bit of a transformation and will now focus on street-influenced lifestyle brands and cultures. 

    For more information, please go here.

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  3. Street Art in London

    Snapped in Shoreditch, London.

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    Coming off back to back Star Wars collaboration, XLARGE JAPAN are again teaming up with the awesomeness of Star Wars for the 3rd collaboration of 2014. 

    This time they are focusing on The Empire Strikes Back for inspiration on the capsule collection that features bags, coaches jackets and hoodies.

    For more info. please go here.

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  5. Ottolenghi Islington | London

    Before we visited the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Victoria Miro, which you can read about here, we stopped off at Ottolenghi Islington for lunch first. 

    After EE visited the Ottolenghi Nottinghill branch several months ago, she became an instant fan and has since been wanting to take us to try out the Ottolenghi Islington branch. I am glad she did because the food was delicious and full of strong flavours that worked well with each other.
    Restaurant details and pictures below.

    Ottenlenghi Islington

    287 Upper Street
    London N1 2TZ
    Tel: 020 7288 1454

    Arrived just before the lunch rush and a good thing too as a really long queue soon developed.

    They look so scrumptious and tempting, don’t they?



    That day’s lunch options.



    I would say that the female diners outnumber the male diners by a 3:1 ratio.




    EE went for the 2 salads with a main option and had the Char-grilled salmon with red pepper, almond, sherry vinegar and herb salsa + Roasted butternut squash with chickpeas, red pepper, manouri, smoked paprika and red onion + Red quinoa, wild and basmati rice with mixed nuts, sour cherries and rocket.




    I went for the 3 salads with a main option and had Cherry tomato and goat’s cheese quiche with caramelised onion and thyme + Roasted butternut squash with chickpeas, red pepper, manouri, smoked paprika and red onion + Char-grilled broccoli with chill and garlic + Roasted aubergine with almond yoghurt, pickled chill and paprika toasted almonds (this was the standout dish for me and a better picture of it is below).



    EE’s customary post-meal flat white, which she had huge praise for.

    Overall Summary

    Style & atmosphere : Relaxed, casual and minimalistic with a nice vibe. Ottenlenghi Islington is actually the biggest branch and sits about 50. If you are looking for a bit of peace, space and privacy, you will not easily find it here as the main tables running down the length of the deli are shared and communal, although there are some tables for 2 against the wall to be found. Seems to attract a lot more female customers than male customers.

    Food & Oishii-ness : 8/10. The only other place I had better salad was in Japan, so Ottolenghi is right up there in terms of making creative and tasty salad. Taste wise, everything we had was amazingly fresh and flavourful with well thought out flavours that harmonise well with each other. Ottolenghi have stated before that, “Simply put, we are very serious about making people happy through our food,” and whilst I can’t speculate or comment on how the other customers felt, EE and I did feel quite contented and delighted to be eating their food.  

    Bread : N/A 

    Service : 7/10. Fairly standard. Attentive and professional. Although our waitress did seem a little annoyed that I didn’t want to order a drink and just wanted tap water.

    Toilet decor & cleanliness : 7/10. Toilets were a little disappointing considering how clean everything else was.  

    Value for money : 7.8/10.  Just from looking at the prices on the menu, I did feel that it was overpriced. However, after clearing my plate, I felt that the price was justified as you are getting very high quality, freshly made, preservatives-and-colouring free food. 

    Would I go again : Very much so. I recommended it to my mum, who is a really, really fussy eater, to try and she surprisingly said that it was really tasty.

    Tips :  Please note that at lunch all the food is served cold. Reservations are taken for dinner but not during the day – try to make it extra early if you are planning on brunch/lunch as it can and will get incredibly packed with Islington locals. If you don’t want to wait they do have a take-away service that they can deliver or for you to pick up.

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  6. Epic Steph Curry Mix

    Adam Mayo gets you excited for Curry’s game and for the warriors in the soon to start NBA season.

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  7. adidas Originals by NIGO

    From 3stripes, True to his passion for classic and vintage clothing, NIGO has handpicked and re-interpreted pieces from the adidas Originals archives, blending a sportswear aesthetic with contemporary street style to create new street classics. The apparel collection features unforgettable adidas Originals pieces alongside staples of American sportswear such as coach and varsity jackets, whilst the footwear offers unique interpretations of iconic silhouettes such as the ZX 500 and Superstar 80s.”

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  9. Jason Williams showing out at the Orlando Pro Am

    One of my favourite players back in the days so it is nice to see J.Will still has his White Chocolate-ness.

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  10. Nike Evolution, Trophy, and Co-Op All Sports | October 23, 1982 by W+K

    A look back at Nike’s first TV ads.

    From Wieden & Kennedy, The first national broadcast spots for W+K and for Nike, INC.

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  11. The Quiet Life Fall 2014 Collection Delivery 2 Lookbook

    Following on from this post here spotlighting The Quiet Life's delivery 1 lookbook for their fall 2014 collection, here is a look at their lookbook for delivery 2, titled “Vasquez,” so called because the lookbook was shot at  Vasquez Rocks, California.

    To see the full glorious ookbook for delivery 2, please go here.

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  12. English Breakfast Udon at Koya Bar

    Some of you may have seen JW’s post of Crave.tv’s interview with Shuko Oda (link here if you missed it), head chef of KoyaBar, you’ll have seen the English Breakfast Udon already. As a lover of English Breakfasts and udon, I felt it was well overdue for a visit to try it for myself.  

    I popped in one morning and found the place quiet and pulled up a seat at the bar.  You can check out the menu in the photos above but I’d already decided what I was going for.

    My tastebuds started watering as I could smell them frying up the bacon and so by the time the bowl made it to me, I was more than ready to get started. The bacon was amazing and full of flavour.  I was worried that as it was in soup, it wouldn’t quite have the impact that bacon can have but I needn’t have worried.  

    The balance between what was a very light broth with the oil of the full english hit just the right spot, the mushrooms were full of juice and the egg was done nice and runny.  Massive kudos to Koya Bar, they have done an amazing job of bringing together the culinary worlds of London and Japan.  

    The concept reminded me of a dish I had the first time I went to the original Koya of fish and chips.  It was a fish tempura with lotus root tempura chips and was again a really good example of combining British and Japanese ideas.

    I’d definitely recommend a visit to both Koya and Koya Bar as the udon is easily one of the best in London and if you are ever there early enough, the English Breakfast Udon is a great start to any day!

    Overall, I give Koya Bar and the English Breakfast a 8.3/10

    Koya Bar

    50 Frith Street
    London W1D 4SQ


    49 Frith Street
    London W1D 4SG

    Cheers, JL


  13. SHIPS JET BLUE Fall/Winter 2014 Style Catalogue

    Quite recently we posted about SHIPS F/W 2014 style catalogue, and now we would like to draw your attention to the equally charming SHIPS JET BLUE F/W2014 style catalogue.

    The style catalogue is divided into different themes and looks, but you basically could find your whole wardrobe from all the different looks presented - from tees to jeans, shirts, footwear, jackets, accessories etc.

    To see the full F/W 2014 style catalogue, please go here.

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  14. Bad-Ass Batman Film Trilogy Artworks

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  15. Just because…..super kawaii and them eyes!!

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